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$177.00 USD

"I LOVED the Radiant and Rooted retreat. I think about it constantly! The things that I learned, tips and tricks to life.... always in the back of my mind ready to use when I need. I felt so loved and welcomed and part of a group of women that I had been searching for, for a while! We were all so like-minded and connected even though we came from ALL different walks of life.I was told after the retreat that my life, my body and spirit, would have so much more vibration, that I would be different, happier, more positive, that the experiences and lessons learned would help me thrive at a whole new level. They weren't right.... they were ABSOLUTELY right! The funny thing is, my work revolves around this sort of stuff, so I thought I would know a lot. I'm glad I had an open mind to learn EVEN MORE and refresh on the things I had forgotten. Thank you for awakening my Radiant and Rooted self! <3"

Carli Huntsman

"The girls that run Radiant and Rooted are some of the most caring and kind people I have ever met. The retreat I went to allowed me to uncover some fears and false beliefs that I didn’t even know I had! They also gave me tools to overcome these insecurities. The retreat was well worth the investment and I came away energized and refocused on my goals."

Brianne Smith