Meet the Radiant & Rooted Team

Each one of us has experienced the low that comes with lack of self-love, and living life without a purpose. We are happy to say that we've found magical tools that makes living vibrant, happy, fulfilled lives, so much easier! And we are ready to share those with you, so  you can find immense joy in this journey of life.

Amy Wood

Amy is a soul-set coach who guides women on a journey within to align their mindset with their soul. She helps women set themselves free by releasing old brain patterns, reconnecting with their higher self, and living a heart-centered life through neuroplasticity, grounding/clearing techniques, and breathwork. As a lightworker, Amy feels called to be a leader in the new world during this time of the mass spiritual awakening. 

Through the past two years Amy has coached and connected with hundreds of women through 1-on-1 coaching, online group coaching programs, live events, and Radiant and Rooted Retreats.

Amy’s superpower is to teach and help others understand new concepts. Amy believes that we all have an untapped limitless potential. Her mission is to help others transcend those limits, and find the acceptance and love of self. Through her work, she helps unlock and activate dormant light codes within and upgrade DNA to experience the most beautiful life.

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Rachael Hobley

Rachael is an intuitive hypnotherapist, speaker, and life coach. Finding her power and creator within has led her on a journey to help others find theirs. She is a powerful motivator and loves to help others live a more fulfilling life. Rachael understands how to maintain a strong positive mindset no matter what difficulties face her. 

She facilitates hypnotherapy sessions on an individual and group basis, and incorporates this into her mindset coaching, speaking events, women’s retreats, and classes.

Rachael has used these principles to live a successful, aligned, abundant, crazy, happy life. She wants everyone to discover their inner truth and understand how powerful they truly are!

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Bri Wheeler

Bri is one of the secret weapons of Radiant and Rooted retreats. She’s a psychic/medium, certified in foot zoning, reiki, and Deeksha. Bri is highly intuitive and helps remove energy blocks to realign and balance the body emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Bri also composes mediations to help women reach their highest potential and release what’s not serving them.   

Her purpose for doing energy work is to help others be reunited with their true self. She guides women to let go of things that are holding them back, so they can progress to live their best and happiest life. Bri can also connect women to their guides and to loved ones who have passed in this life, giving them messages of hope and love.

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Keshia Sawyer

Keshia is a deeply empathic spirit who lives to love others BIG. She is the yoga instructor at Radiant and Rooted. Her superpower is seeing others good and loving them regardless of the circumstances.

When she is passionate she is obsessed. She doesn’t believe in “balance in all things” but rather believes in being all that you want/need in every given moment. Yoga saved her life. She loves to teach, practice, learn about, and soak up all things yoga as much she can! She is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and cycle instructor. 

But to her the papers mean nothing without the heart as she has a whole lotta that!! Her favorite parts of teaching are the sacred experiences that are had but most of all the lifelong soul connections that are made.

Through integrating core yoga principles into her life she has uncovered her authentic self. Her yoga sessions help others to unlock theirs. Her drive and passion is to help others live authentically and find incredible freedom! 

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Darla Coffey

Is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Life and Spiritual Coach. She assist people and helps them find their own direction and path in life through intuition and clearing of emotional blocks with energy work. 

With her many gifts, she loves helping people with releasing of emotions/traumas/experiences that could be stopping them from living their life’s purpose. 

She helps them change their life by changing the way they operate on a deeper level.  She shows people how to work with the laws of the universe to get what they actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes their way. Rather than just settling for the life they have, she delves into the deep rooted beliefs, connection to the divine, and helps them find themselves again.

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We want women to live a life of fulfillment by learning how to create and manifest the life they want to live. Women should understand their individual worth and uniqueness and we want to give them tools to overcome and lessen the stresses of life. You can have more meaningful relationships with friends and family, and strengthen the love you have for yourself!

It’s time to let go of old beliefs and open your mind to a new mindset that will lead you to ground breaking revelations.

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