Radiant & Rooted

Awaken. Motivate. Empower.

An energy healer, a motivational speaker, and a life coach have joined forces to provide YOU experiences that will get you started on the path of living a life of purpose, fulfillment, and self-love.

Each one of us has experienced the low that comes with lack of self-love, and living life without a purpose. We are happy to say that we've come out on the other side living vibrant, happy, fulfilled lives and we are ready to help the women of t​he world arrive to this place of happiness. 

We want women to live a life of fulfillment by learning how to create and manifest the life they want to live. Women should understand their individual worth and uniqueness and we want to give them tools to overcome and lessen the stresses of life. You can have more meaningful relationships with friends and family, and strengthen the love you have for yourself!

It’s time to let go of old beliefs and open your mind to a new mindset that will lead you to ground breaking revelations.