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We're Amy & Rachael, the Duo behind Radiant & Rooted!

We transform your life through rewiring brain patterns, intuitive healing, and connecting with your higher self to experience more JOY and ABUNDANCE!

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"If you have the slightest urge to attend this retreat I encourage you to push all doubts aside and jump right in! Spending a weekend with a group of women I’d never met before was out of my comfort zone and not at all like me. I pushed my introverted self to go and I’m SO incredibly glad I did. These amazing women helped me move past blocks I didn’t even realize existed. They mindfully guided me step by step to the root of my cause. I can assure you, no matter your reason for going, you’ll leave with more self compassion and full of light. You’ll create new beautiful friendships with the other women and gain a deeper connection with yourself. It’s worth it! You’re worth it!"

Erin Down

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